The Glove

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A bounty hunter is offered $20,000 – off the record – for the capture of a very large man who dons body armor and steel-plated gauntlets for his regular beatings of some unfortunate individuals.

Title: The Glove
Year: 1979
Genres: Action; Crime; Drama
Actors: John Saxon, Roosevelt Grier, Joanna Cassidy, Joan Blondell, Jack Carter, Aldo Ray, Keenan Wynn, Howard Honig, Michael Pataki, Frances E. Williams, Ross Hagen
Directors: Ross Hagen
Duration: 90 min.

The Glove flick provides cool and good made adventure, though, it’s not new. There are a lot of exciting actions in Action niche that were released in 1979 but we think that The Glove is one of the best of them! And you should just examine all things that take place and wait for you to be checked up in the film and there are no doubts that you would not ever regret about this choice or other things like that. Running time of The Glove is 90 minutes. Such famous actors like John Saxon, Keenan Wynn are starring here and their acting is nice. The director certainly made right choice with John Saxon that is the main actor of the film and makes it looks unordinary and cool. Have any ideas? Submit them into our comment box. You should sign in.

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