The Mask of Dimitrios

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Mystery writer Cornelius Leyden becomes intrigued when the murdered body of a vicious career criminal washes up in the Bosphorus.

Title: The Mask of Dimitrios
Year: 1944
Genres: Crime; Drama; Film-Noir; Mystery
Actors: Sydney Greenstreet, Zachary Scott, Faye Emerson, Peter Lorre, Victor Francen, Steven Geray, Florence Bates, Eduardo Ciannelli, Kurt Katch, Marjorie Hoshelle, Jean Negulesco
Directors: Jean Negulesco
Duration: 95 min.

If there are free 95 m of your life and don’t know about how to spend them then you could check up The Mask of Dimitrios that is uninteresting action in Crime niche of year 1944. Maybe there are some moments of the action would even be interesting for u but the action with not impressive acting of Kurt Katch, Zachary Scott, Eduardo Ciannelli, Jean Negulesco, Sydney Greenstreet is not very good, if you want us to tell the truth. So, if you are looking forward, you are able watch it but in my humble opinion, there are some more interesting things to do in your free time. Just my conclusion. This movie is just an ok for one time watch. It could have been a interesting movie but they had to ruin it with that stupid picture. I hope that you will enjoy this movie. It is just my imho.

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An Act of Murder

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A hard-line judge is tempted toward mercy-killing by his wife’s terminal cancer.

Title: An Act of Murder
Year: 1948
Genres: Crime; Drama; Film-Noir
Actors: Fredric March, Edmond O'Brien, Florence Eldridge, Geraldine Brooks, Stanley Ridges, John McIntire, Frederic Tozere, Will Wright, Virginia Brissac, Francis McDonald, Michael Gordon
Directors: Michael Gordon
Duration: 91 min.

This is one of the best of films in Drama genre that u shouldn’t miss an opportunity of seeing or u risk losing so much incredible pleasurable emotions! Such a nice actors like Virginia Brissac, Michael Gordon are playing their roles so nice and without any hesitations An Act of Murder is one of the best films in 1948. This is the action for everybody and u could spend a pleasurable night alone, with friends of yours and with your family seeing An Act of Murder. The running time of the movie is 91 minutes where u will see something that u haven’t watched in the past! Just my personal opinion. An Act of Murder film is just an ok for one time watch. It could have been a really good film but they ruined it with that archaic music. We hope that you will get pleasure from this movie. 😉 Like this link and share.

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Stage Fright

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A struggling actress tries to help a friend prove his innocence when he’s accused of murdering the husband of a high society entertainer.

Title: Stage Fright
Year: 1950
Genres: Film-Noir; Thriller
Actors: Jane Wyman, Marlene Dietrich, Michael Wilding, Richard Todd, Alastair Sim, Sybil Thorndike, Kay Walsh, Miles Malleson, Hector MacGregor, Joyce Grenfell, Alfred Hitchcock
Directors: Alfred Hitchcock
Duration: 110 min.

I liked this movie from beginning to finish. This movie is a very nice movie, that filled with lots of fantastic action. Actors like Hector MacGregor, Alastair Sim, Kay Walsh make this Film-Noir movie so great. Conclusion, Stage Fright is the best movie in Film-Noir category in 1950. Stars like Hector MacGregor, Alastair Sim, Kay Walsh made this marvelous film even greater. Stage Fright was made in 1950 and belongs to Film-Noir category. Film length is 110 min. Yo! Still waiting? We know that you 100% will like this action.

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Union Station

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A sharp-eyed woman spots a man with a gun on a train and her alert to the railroad police helps them in their search for a ruthless gang who have kidnapped a blind heiress.

Title: Union Station
Year: 1950
Genres: Film-Noir; Drama
Actors: William Holden, Nancy Olson, Barry Fitzgerald, Lyle Bettger, Jan Sterling, Allene Roberts, Herbert Heyes, Don Dunning, Fred Graff, James Seay, Rudolph Maté
Directors: Rudolph Maté
Duration: 81 min.

Believe us that you are a lucky person because now you visited the right place, the place where you are able to find the Film-Noir movie that you would like! Union Station is produced by right people who know how to produce wonderful movies and James Seay, Fred Graff here all look so wonderful and on right place. We can tell for sure that the movie of 1950 and with length of 81 min would be added by you to your home collection and that you would watch it again and again after examining it now. You found amazing film to watch now. Here we gather free links to watch Union Station. Don’t wait. Go and start watching the film right now. Don’t hesitate to bookmark our site.

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Killer’s Kiss

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Ready to catch a train to his hometown, a washed up boxer tells us about the strange and twisty events that happened to him the past couple of days.

Title: Killer’s Kiss
Year: 1955
Genres: Crime; Drama; Film-Noir; Thriller
Actors: Frank Silvera, Jamie Smith, Irene Kane, Jerry Jarrett, Mike Dana, Felice Orlandi, Barbara Brand, Skippy Adelman, David Vaughan, Stanley Kubrick
Directors: Stanley Kubrick
Duration: 67 min.

There are so many exciting films in Crime category that were produced in 1955 but we think that Killer’s Kiss is one of the best of them all! And you should just check up all things that take place and wait for you to be examined in the action and there are no doubts that you would not ever regret about this choice or some other things like that. Running time of Killer’s Kiss is 67 minutes. Such famous actors like Jerry Jarrett, Barbara Brand, Frank Silvera, Irene Kane, Skippy Adelman are acting here and their acting is amazing. The director made right choice with Jerry Jarrett that is the actor of the main role of the action and that is making it looks unordinary and great. You found amazing movie to see right now. This is a wonderful! If you did not see this film yet then you should watch it. Open your eyes to this wonderful story. Don’t wait. Go and start watching the movie right now. Don’t hesitate to add to your tweeter this movie.

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High Wall

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After a brain-damaged man confesses to murder and is committed, Dr. Ann Lorrison tries to prove his innocence.

Title: High Wall
Year: 1947
Genres: Crime; Drama; Film-Noir
Actors: Robert Taylor, Audrey Totter, Herbert Marshall, Dorothy Patrick, H.B. Warner, Warner Anderson, Moroni Olsen, John Ridgely, Morris Ankrum, Elisabeth Risdon, Curtis Bernhardt
Directors: Curtis Bernhardt
Duration: 99 min.

Now just stop searching for some other films in Drama category because one of the most wonderful of all, High Wall is before you right now! This is one of the best of actions of 1947 with nice acting of Elisabeth Risdon, Warner Anderson, H.B. Warner, Morris Ankrum and with Elisabeth Risdon in main role. The great story is shown here and you should just get many of delightful and so nice time watching High Wall. You would not definitely regret about this choice. Length: 99 m. We are sure, you would get pleasure from the film! The story is not only a fantastic must watch and funny film, but it’s supposed to be a top rated. Have any thoughts? Post them in our form. You need to sign in.

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Journey Into Fear

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An American ballistics expert in Turkey finds himself targeted by Nazi agents. Safe passage home by ship is arranged for him, but he soon discovers that his pursuers are also on board.

Title: Journey Into Fear
Year: 1943
Genres: Film-Noir; Drama; War
Actors: Joseph Cotten, Dolores del Rio, Ruth Warrick, Agnes Moorehead, Jack Durant, Everett Sloane, Eustace Wyatt, Frank Readick, Edgar Barrier, Jack Moss, Stefan Schnabel, Hans Conried, Robert Meltzer, Richard Bennett, Orson Welles, Norman Foster
Directors: Norman Foster
Duration: 68 min.

If you are a lover of a Drama films then just get congratulations cause one of the best movies ever in this niche. The movie Journey Into Fear of 1943 year. Starring Stefan Schnabel, Norman Foster, Ruth Warrick are playing their roles exciting and sometimes when you forget that it is film and start perceive it like a real world. Of course, some moments are very long and there are sometimes a boring and unnecessary dialogs too and that is why the running time of the film is 68 minutes. Watch Journey Into Fear now and we are almost absolutely sure you would like it. If you are so crazy about Drama films with some superior action then Journey Into Fear is one of the best film for you. Don’t wait. Go and start watching the film right now. Do not hesitate to add to your tweeter page.

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The Ship That Died of Shame

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A trio of ex-servicemen begin smuggling innocuous black market items into post-war Britain, but through greed they graduate to more sinister cargo.

Title: The Ship That Died of Shame
Year: 1955
Genres: Crime; Drama; Film-Noir; Thriller
Actors: Richard Attenborough, George Baker, Bill Owen, Virginia McKenna, Roland Culver, Bernard Lee, Ralph Truman, John Chandos, Harold Goodwin, John Longden, Basil Dearden
Directors: Basil Dearden
Duration: 95 min.

The Ship That Died of Shame film provides an entertaining and good made story, though, it’s hardly innovative. The Ship That Died of Shame will be very exciting for all real devotees of Crime genre. It is fascinating and all the stuff here looks so cool. Here you will find cool acting of your favorite actors like Bernard Lee, Roland Culver, George Baker who are really professionals and surely know what is what in acting. Yes, some fragments are not attractive and boring and that is why the running time of the action in 95 m. But it is the issue of director of the film, nor the actors. So, if you want to see some nice a little bit long action of year 1955 then The Ship That Died of Shame is right before you! We hope that you will love this film. 😉 Tweet The Ship That Died of Shame movie and share with friends.

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Hell Bound

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After WW2, a Los Angeles crime ring uses a complex scheme, involving freight ships and corrupt health officers, to smuggle drugs into the USA.

Title: Hell Bound
Year: 1957
Genres: Crime; Drama; Film-Noir
Actors: John Russell, June Blair, Stuart Whitman, Margo Woode, George E. Mather, Stanley Adams, Frank Fenton, Gene O'Donnell, Virginia De Lee, Dehl Berti, William J. Hole Jr.
Directors: William J. Hole Jr.
Duration: 69 min.

It’s a great movie especially for fans of George E. Mather, Frank Fenton, Dehl Berti, William J. Hole Jr., Stanley Adams. Great 3d effects, very good written, cool production, and well acted. Hell Bound Drama movie was made in late 1957. George E. Mather, Frank Fenton, Dehl Berti, William J. Hole Jr., Stanley Adams made this Drama film so great. We think you 100% will love Hell Bound film. Thank you. 😉

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House of Strangers

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After years in prison, Max promises revenge on his brothers for their betrayal. His lover Irene and memories of his past yield him a broader perspective.

Title: House of Strangers
Year: 1949
Genres: Film-Noir; Drama
Actors: Edward G. Robinson, Susan Hayward, Richard Conte, Luther Adler, Paul Valentine, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Debra Paget, Hope Emerson, Esther Minciotti, Diana Douglas, Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Directors: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Duration: 101 min.

House of Strangers belongs to Film-Noir category and was created in 1949. Diana Douglas is one of my best actors (who does not enjoy Diana Douglas?) and this was the main reason why I wanted to see this film. Diana Douglas was the actor who has magic, who has own reality. And yes, House of Strangers film is a truly one of the best film in Film-Noir genre in 1949. Movie length is 101 m. House of Strangers film has got a pretty great cast, some very great action. Waiting? Go and start watching House of Strangers film right now. Do not forget to like this movie page.

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