Goodbye Love

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A sexy golddigger lands who she thinks is a wealthy big-game hunter from a royal family. What she doesn't know is that not only is he not wealthy, nor a big-game hunter nor from a royal family, but he's only a butler. Complications ensue as he tries to keep up the pretense.

Title: Goodbye Love
Year: 1933
Genres: Comedy
Actors: Charles Ruggles, Verree Teasdale, Sidney Blackmer, Phyllis Barry, Ray Walker, Mayo Methot, John Kelly, Grace Hayle, Luis Alberni, Richard Tucker, H. Bruce Humberstone
Directors: H. Bruce Humberstone
Duration: 67 min.

Movie length is 67 mins. Movie is created in Comedy flow, made in late 1933. Goodbye Love story is a really fun date story with much of superior action. I think you will like Goodbye Love action. Thanks. 🙂

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Butch and Sundance The Early Days

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A prequel of sorts to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) which chronicles the two outlaws’ lives in the years before the events portrayed in the 1969 movie.

Title: Butch and Sundance The Early Days
Year: 1979
Genres: Comedy; Western
Actors: William Katt, Tom Berenger, Jeff Corey, John Schuck, Michael C. Gwynne, Peter Weller, Brian Dennehy, Christopher Lloyd, Jill Eikenberry, Joel Fluellen, Richard Lester
Directors: Richard Lester
Duration: 115 min.

The story is not only a world-class romantic and stunning film, but it is supposed to be a top rated. It is truth that you are a lucky person because you visited right place, the place where you could find the Western film that you will fall in love with! Butch and Sundance The Early Days is produced by suitable people who definitely know what is what in producing wonderful actions and John Schuck, William Katt, Jill Eikenberry, Joel Fluellen, Christopher Lloyd here acting so nicely and on right place. We think that the film of 1979 and with length of 115 minutes would be added by you to your home video collection and that you will watch it some more times after examining it for the first time. Have any ideas? Submit them in our comment. You have to register.

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Then Came You

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A hypochondriac working as an airport baggage handler is forced to confront his fears when a British teenager with a terminal illness enlists him to help her carry out her eccentric bucket list.

Title: Then Came You
Year: 2018
Genres: Adventure; Comedy; Drama
Actors: Asa Butterfield, Nina Dobrev, Maisie Williams, Peyton List, Ken Jeong, Tyler Hoechlin, Sonya Walger, David Koechner, Tituss Burgess, Briana Venskus, Peter Hutchings
Directors: Peter Hutchings
Duration: 97 min.

This movie line was one of the top in 2018. Fantastic soundtrack, world-class motion. U will not ever regret about seeing Then Came You in the Comedy genre! All the stuff in the movie of the year 2018 looks amazing and actors know how to make us feeling very excited and like in the reality from seeing everything they are doing on the stage. Here you will see how such a well-known actors like Sonya Walger, Maisie Williams, David Koechner, Peyton List, Peter Hutchings are playing their roles so nicely. The whole running time of the tape is 97 m but you will feel them something like some very interesting moments. We give a rating for Then Came You is 10 of 10! Still waiting? Begin watching the movie right now. Like Then Came You movie; and share with friends.

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Love & Debt

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When you’re up to neck in debt…it’s not about the money. A drama full of the comedy of life. A story for our times that examines the durability of marriage and family, the price of telling the truth and discovering what matters most.

Title: Love & Debt
Year: 2018
Genres: Comedy; Drama
Actors: Bailee Madison, Bellamy Young, Tom Cavanagh, Yeardley Smith, Lee Meriwether, Brynn Thayer, Daryl Mitchell, Erick Avari, Kristine DeBell, Haaz Sleiman, Valerie Landsburg
Directors: Valerie Landsburg
Duration: 98 min.

Love & Debt Comedy movie was released in 2018. Valerie Landsburg, Daryl Mitchell make this Comedy film fantastic. Love & Debt is a right film especially for fans of Valerie Landsburg, Daryl Mitchell. Amazing effects, well written, cool direction, and good acted. Still waiting? Start watching this movie right now. Bookmark this movie… and share it.

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Daffy – The Commando

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Commando Daffy Duck goes behind enemy lines and causes havoc for a Nazi German officer and his troops.

Title: Daffy – The Commando
Year: 1943
Genres: Animation; Short; Comedy
Actors: Mel Blanc, Friz Freleng
Directors: Friz Freleng
Duration: 7 min.

You really need to watch #1 scene this evening? If you fed up with all the same tapes in Comedy genre and want to watch something cool and not ordinary then get our congratulations because Daffy – The Commando is right before you in this moment! Both the director and well-known actors like Friz Freleng, Mel Blanc are real pro and it seems they are not acting but living their roles, becoming parts of their heroes. We think this is one of the best of all tapes of 1943. Daffy – The Commando length is 7 m where you will see a lot of delightful and great scenes! Just sit comfortable and start getting tons of pleasure! Hope that you 100% will like this movie. 🙂 Bookmark this link and share with friends.

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The Mad Ones

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A touching comedy about an unlikely friendship that grows between three twenty-something professionals searching for meaning in life and work in the digital age.

Title: The Mad Ones
Year: 2017
Genres: Comedy; Drama
Actors: Anthony Gioe, Dana DeLorenzo, Lavrenti Lopes, Mike Steib, Mike Leffingwell, David Theune, Kelsy Abbott, Emily Maya Mills, Jennie Pierson, Holly Prazoff, Aniruddh Pandit
Directors: Aniruddh Pandit
Duration: 95 min.

The Mad Ones Drama film was produced in early 2017. Dana DeLorenzo, Lavrenti Lopes, Aniruddh Pandit, David Theune, Kelsy Abbott made the Drama show exclusive. The Mad Ones movie was one of the innovational in 2017. Fantastic music, fantastic special effects. We think you 100% will like The Mad Ones film. Cheers. 8)

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The first wave of an alien invasion coincides with a New Years Eve party in a Welsh valley.

Title: Canaries
Year: 2017
Genres: Comedy; Horror; Sci-Fi
Actors: Robert Pugh, Hannah Daniel, Craig Russell, Sheena Bhattessa, Robert Boulter, Kai Owen, Richard Mylan, Steve Meo, Aled Pugh, Marc Rhys, Peter Stray
Directors: Peter Stray
Duration: 84 min.

Canaries will show you very engaging and cool story with nice acting of famous actors like: Robert Pugh, Marc Rhys, Peter Stray, Richard Mylan. Could be that it is one of the best movies of Sci-Fi category that you should not be against of examining or you risk losing tons of great positive emotions! Length of the film is 84 minutes and you start feeling what actors are feeling, start thinking the way they think, start to understand their lives during this wonderful time! Canaries movie line will gonna blow your day in pieces. Don’t wait. Start watching the movie right now. Like Canaries movie… and share it.

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Cement Suitcase

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Franklin, the best wine salesman in the Yakima Valley, hates his life. His girlfriend is cheating on him, and he doesn't even have the self-respect to tell her that he knows. When he meets the "other guy", who turns out to be a terrific person, he decides it's time to let go of some baggage.

Title: Cement Suitcase
Year: 2013
Genres: Comedy; Drama
Actors: Dwayne Bartholomew, Kristina Guerrero, Nathan Sapsford, Shawn Parsons, Christian Berghoff, Dannul Dailey, Adam Diaz, Corrin Evans, Daniel Knight, Jesus Sandoval, J. Rick Castaneda
Directors: J. Rick Castaneda
Duration: 91 min.

Cement Suitcase Comedy movie was produced in mid 2013. Shawn Parsons, Jesus Sandoval, Daniel Knight, Nathan Sapsford make the Comedy show fantastic. Cement Suitcase film will gonna explode your mind away. Have any ideas? Submit them into our form. You have to register.

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My Dear Desperado

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(Korean with English subtitles) An unlikely romance brews between Dong-chu, a tough-actin thug with a tender heart, and his bookish, and recently single, IT consultant neighbor, Se-jin, in this lighthearted and wacky twist of a romantic comedy.

Title: My Dear Desperado
Year: 2010
Genres: Comedy
Actors: Yu-mi Jeong, In-gi Jung, Joong-Hoon Park, Won-sang Park, Kwang-shik Kim
Directors: Kwang-shik Kim
Duration: 105 min.

Great actors giving fantastic performances but this story is monotonous and rather predictable. Nice flick. My Dear Desperado at least is a something fantastic and original in 2010. Hope that you will love this action. 😉 Tweet My Dear Desperado link and share.

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The Big Mouth

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While fishing on a San Diego beach, Gerald Clamson catches … a sea diver! Even more weird, the "fish" resembles him. The man, who is not (yet) dead, reveals his secret to the peaceful angler: he is in fact a mobster who has cheated his associates out of their diamonds. What does not help Gerald at all is that the other hoods are persuaded HE is the double-crosser they are supposed to have done away with. Will he get himself out of such a tight situation? He will of course, but not without a little help from Suzie, the girl he only has eyes for!

Title: The Big Mouth
Year: 1967
Genres: Comedy; Action; Crime
Actors: Jerry Lewis, Harold J. Stone, Susan Bay, Buddy Lester, Del Moore, Paul Lambert, Jeannine Riley, Leonard Stone, Charlie Callas, Frank De Vol, Jerry Lewis
Directors: Jerry Lewis
Duration: 107 min.

The movie is a really funny movie with lots of good action. The Big Mouth movie belongs to Crime category and was released in 1967. 😉 Amazing character of The Big Mouth will make you feel good while watching this movie. You may watch it with girlfriend online. Such stars like Jerry Lewis, Buddy Lester, Susan Bay made the movie so fantastic. Conclusion, The Big Mouth movie is really one of the hottest movie in Crime genre in 1967. Movie time is 107 m. Waiting? Begin watching this movie right now. Bookmark The Big Mouth movie… and share with friends.

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