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Leo is 22 and sells his body on the street for a bit of cash. The men come and go, and he stays right here – longing for love. He doesn’t know what the future will bring. He hits the road. His heart is pounding.

Title: Sauvage
Year: 2018
Genres: Drama
Actors: Félix Maritaud, Eric Bernard, Nicolas Dibla, Philippe Ohrel, Pavle Dragas, Mehdi Boudina, Azir Mustafic, Hassim Mohamed Saleh, Morad Ammar, Noureddine Maamar, Camille Vidal-Naquet
Directors: Camille Vidal-Naquet
Duration: 99 min.

You want to watch number one movie this evening? You would fall in love with Sauvage after watching it. The film in Drama genre looks nice cool and it is best of all actions of 2018. Acting such famous actors : Morad Ammar, Camille Vidal-Naquet, Azir Mustafic, Hassim Mohamed Saleh and their acting is very cool and brings a lot of great feelings. Morad Ammar in main role looks amazing too. Running time of the film is: 99 mins and we can tell for sure that you should just follow our advice and start getting enjoyment with it now. Have any comments? Submit them into our comment. You should sign up.

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Then Came You

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A hypochondriac working as an airport baggage handler is forced to confront his fears when a British teenager with a terminal illness enlists him to help her carry out her eccentric bucket list.

Title: Then Came You
Year: 2018
Genres: Adventure; Comedy; Drama
Actors: Asa Butterfield, Nina Dobrev, Maisie Williams, Peyton List, Ken Jeong, Tyler Hoechlin, Sonya Walger, David Koechner, Tituss Burgess, Briana Venskus, Peter Hutchings
Directors: Peter Hutchings
Duration: 97 min.

This movie line was one of the top in 2018. Fantastic soundtrack, world-class motion. U will not ever regret about seeing Then Came You in the Comedy genre! All the stuff in the movie of the year 2018 looks amazing and actors know how to make us feeling very excited and like in the reality from seeing everything they are doing on the stage. Here you will see how such a well-known actors like Sonya Walger, Maisie Williams, David Koechner, Peyton List, Peter Hutchings are playing their roles so nicely. The whole running time of the tape is 97 m but you will feel them something like some very interesting moments. We give a rating for Then Came You is 10 of 10! Still waiting? Begin watching the movie right now. Like Then Came You movie; and share with friends.

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Killer in a Red Dress

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Christa Bright is an aspiring personal stylist who has an instant connection with new client Kat Niven, a shy woman who needs help gaining confidence. But when Kat's admiration for Christa turns into plain obsession, Christa begins to get suspicious. She soon discovers that Kat is her fiance Jack's ex-girlfriend and she's trying to become Christa in a demented ploy to win Jack back for good.

Title: Killer in a Red Dress
Year: 2018
Genres: Thriller
Actors: Richard Gleason, Jacob Osborne, Blake Allen, Donna Feldman, Fidelia Grace, Emmy James, Rosalie McIntire, Allison Paige, Greg Perrow, Robin Riker, Lisa France
Directors: Lisa France
Duration: 90 min.

Superior actors giving powerful performances but the storyline is not really interesting and predictable. Yeah, this film was the best in 2018. Fantastic soundtrack, world-class picture. Still waiting? Go and begin watching the film right now. Do not hesitate to like us.

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A young woman embarks on a road trip to find her younger Brother who she hasn’t seen in 18 years at the request of her dying Grandfather.

Title: Swell
Year: 2018
Genres: Drama
Actors: Summer Spiro, Corbin Bernsen, Gabrielle Stone, Brennan Murray, Kuali’i Wittman, Kevin Makely, Adrienne Barbeau, Justin Lee
Directors: Justin Lee
Duration: 90 min.

Just better don’t waste time checking up this action, Swell because it is one of the worst films of Drama genre. Swell is produced in 2018 year and it did not made money or got high marks because the level of the movie is much lower than average. Even not bad acting of Corbin Bernsen does not make it more interesting. But, of course, if you have not got any idea about how to spend your free time and looking forward not to think about something serious then you could spend 90 m of life on Swell. Yeah, this movie will gonna boom your day away. Have any ideas? Submit them in our form. You have to sign up.

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Love & Debt

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When you’re up to neck in debt…it’s not about the money. A drama full of the comedy of life. A story for our times that examines the durability of marriage and family, the price of telling the truth and discovering what matters most.

Title: Love & Debt
Year: 2018
Genres: Comedy; Drama
Actors: Bailee Madison, Bellamy Young, Tom Cavanagh, Yeardley Smith, Lee Meriwether, Brynn Thayer, Daryl Mitchell, Erick Avari, Kristine DeBell, Haaz Sleiman, Valerie Landsburg
Directors: Valerie Landsburg
Duration: 98 min.

Love & Debt Comedy movie was released in 2018. Valerie Landsburg, Daryl Mitchell make this Comedy film fantastic. Love & Debt is a right film especially for fans of Valerie Landsburg, Daryl Mitchell. Amazing effects, well written, cool direction, and good acted. Still waiting? Start watching this movie right now. Bookmark this movie… and share it.

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Slasher Party

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A group of social media influencers go to an afterparty in a Hollywood Hills mansion only to find themselves the target of a ruthless masked killer.

Title: Slasher Party
Year: 2018
Genres: Horror
Actors: Danny Trejo, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, Sarah McDaniel, Ray J, Timothy DeLaGhetto, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Kinsey Wolanski, Johannes Bartl, Hana Giraldo, Tonio Skits, Tony Villalobos
Directors: Tony Villalobos
Duration: 80 min.

There are tons of attention grabbing actions in Horror niche that were released in 2018 but we are sure that Slasher Party is the best of them all! You should just see all things that wait for you to be examined in the action and there are no doubts that you would not ever regret about this choice or some other things like that. Running time of Slasher Party is 80 min. Such wonderful actors like Sarah McDaniel, Kinsey Wolanski, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Tony Villalobos, Tonio Skits are playing here and their acting is nice. The director definitely made right choice with Sarah McDaniel that is the actor of the main role of the action and makes it looks unordinary and cool. Slasher Party movie will gonna boom your imagination away. We think that you 100% will like this flick. It is just my opinion.

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Asako I & II

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Asako lives in Osaka. She falls in love with Baku, a free-spirit. One day, Baku suddenly disappears. Two years later, Asako now lives in Tokyo and meets Ryohei. He looks just like Baku, but has a completely different personality.

Title: Asako I & II
Year: 2018
Genres: Drama; Romance
Actors: Masahiro Higashide, Erika Karata, Sairi Itô, Kôji Nakamoto, Kôji Seto, Misako Tanaka, Daichi Watanabe, Rio Yamashita, Ryûsuke Hamaguchi
Directors: Ryûsuke Hamaguchi
Duration: 119 min.

Yeah, this movie line will gonna explode your head away. If you have got free 119 min of your life and do not know how to spend them then you could check up Asako I & II that is not interesting movie in Drama category of year 2018. Maybe there are some moments of the movie that would even be quite interesting for you but the movie with not nice acting of Sairi Itô, Erika Karata, Daichi Watanabe, Misako Tanaka is not cool, if you want us to tell the truth. So, if you are interested, you are able check it up but IMHO, there are some more interesting things to do in free time of yours. I think you 100% will enjoy Asako I & II movie. Cheers. 😉

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If Beale Street Could Talk

Download If Beale Street Could Talk full length movie. Watch If Beale Street Could Talk movie online streaming.

A woman in Harlem embraces her pregnancy while she and her family struggle to prove her fiancé innocent of a crime.

Title: If Beale Street Could Talk
Year: 2018
Genres: Crime; Drama; Romance
Actors: KiKi Layne, Stephan James, Regina King, Colman Domingo, Teyonah Parris, Michael Beach, Aunjanue Ellis, Ebony Obsidian, Dominique Thorne, Diego Luna, Barry Jenkins
Directors: Barry Jenkins
Duration: 119 min.

If Beale Street Could Talk film belongs to Drama category and was made in 2018. 🙂 Fast character of If Beale Street Could Talk will make you feel great while watching this film. You can watch it with mates online. Famous actors as Barry Jenkins, Aunjanue Ellis made the film so fantastic. It is true, If Beale Street Could Talk film is truly one of the greatest film in Drama genre in 2018. Movie time is 119 min. You got amazing film to see now. This is a astonishing! If you did not see this film yet then you must download it. Open your eyes to this astonishing story. Hey? Still waiting? We know that you will take pleasure in this action.

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Bitcoin Big Bang: l’improbable épopée de Mark Karpeles

Download Bitcoin Big Bang: l’improbable épopée de Mark Karpeles full length movie. Watch Bitcoin Big Bang: l’improbable épopée de Mark Karpeles movie online streaming.

When 850 000 bitcoins -half a billion dollars- disappear from Mt. Gox in Tokyo, its unconventional CEO, Mark Karpelès, is arrested. After a year, he’s finally released for lack of evidence. Mark Karpelès is now free and breaks its silence.

Title: Bitcoin Big Bang: l’improbable épopée de Mark Karpeles
Year: 2018
Genres: Documentary
Actors: Jake Adelstein, Franc Bruneau, Kolin Burges, Cyrus Farivar, Tigran Gambaryan, Thomas Glucksmann, Napkins Inoue, Anne Karpeles, Mark Karpeles, Michael Keferl, Vincent Gonon, Xavier Sayanoff
Directors: Vincent Gonon; Xavier Sayanoff
Duration: 104 min.

Bitcoin Big Bang: l’improbable épopée de Mark Karpeles Documentary film was released in mid 2018. Thomas Glucksmann, Mark Karpeles make this film fantastic to watch. Just my imho. If you are crazy about Documentary films with lots of world-class action then Bitcoin Big Bang: l’improbable épopée de Mark Karpeles is the best film for you. We think that you 100% will like this action. It is just my imho.

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The Intent 2: The Come Up

Download The Intent 2: The Come Up full length movie. Watch The Intent 2: The Come Up movie online streaming.

Prequel the the successful 2016 film ‘The Intent’

Title: The Intent 2: The Come Up
Year: 2018
Genres: Crime
Actors: Adam Deacon, Selva Rasalingam, Karen Bryson, Ashley Chin, Femi Oyeniran, Joanne Matthews, Dylan Duffus, Sarah Akokhia, Jay Brown, Shone Romulus, Femi Oyeniran, Nicky Slimting Walker
Directors: Femi Oyeniran; Nicky Slimting Walker
Duration: 103 min.

The Intent 2: The Come Up film is a really cool movie, filled with some cool action. Oh, The Intent 2: The Come Up is great, it is one of the greatest of all movies in Crime genre. It is our advice to watch the action and the acting of such a wonderful famous actors like: Ashley Chin, Femi Oyeniran will impress you so much. All actors are acting wonderful but the acting of Ashley Chin is somethings fascinating and sometimes even unbelievable. Length of the action is: 103 minutes. You’ll get a lot of delightful impressions during so nice time with The Intent 2: The Come Up. Waiting? Go and begin watching The Intent 2: The Come Up film right now. Do not forget to add to your tweeter this film.

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