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When a multimillionaire man’s son is kidnapped, he cooperates with the police at first but then turns the tables on the kidnappers when he uses the ransom money as a reward for the capture of the kidnappers.

Title: Ransom
Year: 1996
Genres: Action; Crime; Thriller
Actors: Mel Gibson, Rene Russo, Brawley Nolte, Gary Sinise, Delroy Lindo, Lili Taylor, Liev Schreiber, Donnie Wahlberg, Evan Handler, Nancy Ticotin, Michael Gaston, Kevin Neil McCready, Paul Guilfoyle, Allen Bernstein, José Zúñiga, Ron Howard
Directors: Ron Howard
Duration: 122 min.

Oh, Ransom is amazing, it is one of the most wonderful of all movies in Action genre. It is our advice to watch the movie and the playing of such a great famous actors like: Donnie Wahlberg, Michael Gaston, José Zúñiga will bring you a lot of positive impressions. All actors are playing cool but the acting of Donnie Wahlberg is really something fascinating and sometimes even unbelievable. Length of the movie is: 122 m. You’ll get a lot of pleasurable impressions during great pastime with Ransom. I liked this movie from start to end. Ransom movie is a very good movie, filled with lots of good action. We hope that you 100% will get pleasure from this movie. 8) Tweet Ransom movie and share with friends.

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Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, returns home to find his father murdered and his mother remarrying the murderer, his uncle. Meanwhile, war is brewing.

Title: Hamlet
Year: 1996
Genres: Drama
Actors: Riz Abbasi, Richard Attenborough, David Blair, Brian Blessed, Kenneth Branagh, Richard Briers, Michael Bryant, Peter Bygott, Julie Christie, Billy Crystal, Kenneth Branagh
Directors: Kenneth Branagh
Duration: 242 min.

Nice flick. Hamlet at least is a something fantastic or innovative in 1996. Hamlet would show you a very interesting and so cool story with participation of so famous and best actors like: Brian Blessed, Julie Christie, Kenneth Branagh. And you would like to watch the film because it is one of the attention grabbing movies in Drama category. The acting of Brian Blessed makes it so unordinary and very cool. Without any hesitations, Hamlet is one of the best movies of 1996. Length: 242. We are sure and can tell with 100% that you would get a lot of delight from time with Hamlet. Still waiting? Go and start watching Hamlet movie right now. Don’t hesitate to bookmark our site.

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La Haine

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24 hours in the lives of three young men in the French suburbs the day after a violent riot.

Title: La Haine
Year: 1996
Genres: Crime; Drama
Actors: Vincent Cassel, Hubert Koundé, Saïd Taghmaoui, Abdel Ahmed Ghili, Solo, Joseph Momo, Héloïse Rauth, Rywka Wajsbrot, Olga Abrego, Laurent Labasse, Mathieu Kassovitz
Directors: Mathieu Kassovitz
Duration: 96 min.

La Haine will show you a very fascinating and impressive story with nice acting of such wonderful actors like: Olga Abrego, Joseph Momo, Solo, Vincent Cassel, Rywka Wajsbrot. Could be that it is one of the most interesting actions of Crime niche that you should not miss a chance of examining or you risk losing so many impressions! Length of the movie is 96 mins and you start feeling what people in the movie are feeling, start thinking the way they think, start to live lives of theirs during this impressive time! Nice movie. La Haine at least is a something modern and innovational in 1996. I think you 100% will love La Haine flick. Thanks. 🙂

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Adrenalin Fear the Rush

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The Russian government has collapsed. Amidst the chaos, riots, and struggle for power, a terrible weapon has leaked out. Virulent microflage, a deadly germ of the cold war has begun to spread across Eastern Europe, killing massive numbers of people. Now, in a quarantine camp set up for immigrants in 2017 Boston, one vicious murderer has the disease. Within two hours he will become violently contagious, and it is up to a team of officers in a race against time to track him down and stop him… if he doesn't kill them first.

Title: Adrenalin Fear the Rush
Year: 1996
Genres: Action; Sci-Fi; Thriller
Actors: Christopher Lambert, Natasha Henstridge, Norbert Weisser, Elizabeth Barondes, Xavier Declie, Darrell Davis, Nicholas Guest, Andrew Divoff, Jon H. Epstein, Miriam Zezulkova, Albert Pyun
Directors: Albert Pyun
Duration: 77 min.

You would certainly fall in love with Adrenalin Fear the Rush if you interested in watching movies of this genre. It is one of the greatest movies in the Sci-Fi genre and you would get a lot of wonderful emotions during watching. Natasha Henstridge, Elizabeth Barondes, Miriam Zezulkova, Andrew Divoff, Xavier Declie are acting so realistic here and some moments of the film are really fantastic. Adrenalin Fear the Rush is one of the most anticipated movies of 1996. Acting of Natasha Henstridge, Elizabeth Barondes, Miriam Zezulkova, Andrew Divoff, Xavier Declie makes this movie even more outstanding. Duration: 77 mins. Enjoy from watching Adrenalin Fear the Rush film. If you are mad about Sci-Fi movies with some top-quality action then Adrenalin Fear the Rush is the best film for you. Still waiting? Go and begin watching the film right now. Don’t forget to bookmark page.

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Sling Blade

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Karl Childers, a simple man hospitalized since his childhood murder of his mother and her lover, is released to start a new life in a small town.

Title: Sling Blade
Year: 1996
Genres: Drama
Actors: Billy Bob Thornton, Dwight Yoakam, J.T. Walsh, John Ritter, Lucas Black, Natalie Canerday, James Hampton, Robert Duvall, Rick Dial, Brent Briscoe, Christine Renee Ward, Sarah Boss, Kathy Sue Brown, Wendell Rafferty, Bruce Hampton, Billy Bob Thornton
Directors: Billy Bob Thornton
Duration: 135 min.

Sling Blade film is a really cool movie, filled with some great action. U will not ever forget about seeing Sling Blade in the Drama genre! Everything in the movie of the year 1996 looks so good and actors know how to make us feeling very impressed and love in the reality from seeing everything they are performing on the stage. Here you will see how such a nice actors like Lucas Black, Bruce Hampton, Wendell Rafferty, Sarah Boss are acting their roles so nicely. Whole running time of the action is 135 mins but you will feel them like not a lot of very fascinating episodes. We give a rating for Sling Blade is 10 of 10! 😉 I hope that you 100% will love Sling Blade movie. Thanks.

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Battle Arena Toshinden

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For one year, Master Swordsman Eiji Shinjo has been haunted by the memory of his battle with the renegade champion, Gaia – a battle that was cut short by the forces of the malevolent syndicate known as “the organization.

Title: Battle Arena Toshinden
Year: 1996
Genres: Action; Animation
Actors: Alfred DeButler, Kikuko Inoue, Takehito Koyasu, Ted Lewis, Terri Muuss, Lisa Ortiz, Debora Rabbai, Emma Rayda, Christopher Schmidt, Hideo Seaver, Masami Ôbari, Chris Orbach, Chris Yates, Apollo Smile, James Carter Cathcart, Greg Wolfe, Masami Ôbari
Directors: Masami Ôbari; Masami Ôbari
Duration: 60 min.

It’s a right flick exclusively for fans of Debora Rabbai, Masami Ôbari, Lisa Ortiz, Chris Yates, Kikuko Inoue. Cool effects, good written, cool filming, and great acted. Just better don’t waste time examining this movie, Battle Arena Toshinden because it is one of the worst actions of Action category. Battle Arena Toshinden is produced in 1996 year and it did not made a lot of money or got high ratings because it’s level is much lower than average. Even not bad acting of Debora Rabbai does not make it better. But, of course, if you don’t know how to spend your free time and looking forward not to think about something serious then you are able to waste 60 mins of your life on Battle Arena Toshinden. Yo! Still waiting? We know that you 100% will take pleasure in this film.

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Legend of Crystania

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Dreams begin to haunt Lady Sheru — dreams of her past life as Pirotesse. Her love, Ashram, is being tormented at the hands of the soul of Barbas posing as their former king, Beld of Marmo.

Title: Legend of Crystania
Year: 1996
Genres: Animation; Action; Adventure; Fantasy
Actors: Amber Allison, Robin Balkwill, L.B. Bartholomee, Tom Bartling, Amy Bizjak, Tom Byrne, Charles Campbell, Susan Cotton, Denise Dee, Gary Dehan, Ryutaro Nakamura
Directors: Ryutaro Nakamura
Duration: 90 min.

Nothing would stop you from examining Legend of Crystania if you want to watch the best of all films in Adventure niche. The movie of 1996 with great producing of famous director and great convictive acting of famous actors like: Ryutaro Nakamura, L.B. Bartholomee and Ryutaro Nakamura in a main role makes Legend of Crystania looking so cool and so exciting. The duration of the movie is 90 minutes but you would feel a little bit disappointed about the end of the movie because it is so wonderful. You will certainly like it so much, we can give you 100% guarantee. Legend of Crystania film is a pretty decent movie, filled with some extra moments. We hope that you will love this movie. It is just my IMHO.

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Download Kazaam full length movie. Watch Kazaam movie online streaming.

A troubled kid inadvertently releases a genie, who must grant him any three wishes he requests.

Title: Kazaam
Year: 1996
Genres: Comedy; Family; Fantasy; Musical
Actors: Shaquille O'Neal, Francis Capra, Ally Walker, James Acheson, John Costelloe, Marshall Manesh, Fawn Reed, JoAnne Hart, Brandon Durand, Wade Robson, Paul Michael Glaser
Directors: Paul Michael Glaser
Duration: 93 min.

All devotees of really great actions in Musical genre would be very glad to examine Kazaam very much. So, if u are one of us then u should just sit comfortable and start having so much enjoyment examining this film of year 1996. Here u would find a very great acting of your beloved actors: Wade Robson, Shaquille O'Neal who look very cool and on their places in Kazaam. The length of the film is 93 m but u feel it is just one moment because all the stuff of the film is so exciting. So, u should not think how to spend some so unforgettable night anymore! Interesting movie. Kazaam at least is a something fantastic and innovative in 1996. Don’t wait. Begin watching Kazaam film right now. Bookmark Kazaam movie; and share with friends.

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A Moment of Romance III

Download A Moment of Romance III full length movie. Watch A Moment of Romance III movie online streaming.

It is the year 1938. Tension is in the air as China is in the throes of an impending war with Japan.

Title: A Moment of Romance III
Year: 1996
Genres: Drama; Romance
Actors: Alex Fong, Andy Lau, Chien-Lien Wu, Johnnie To, Li-Li Chang, Mei Ling Chen, Ran Chen, Xianfang Cheng, Nai-Wah Cheung, Xiangtao Chu, Zhigang Fan, Ching-Chi Fang
Directors: Johnnie To
Duration: 95 min.

The story is a truly fun date story with some world-class action. You would certainly like with A Moment of Romance III after examining it. The action in Romance category looks nice cool and it is most impressive of actions of 1996. In main roles such famous actors : Mei Ling Chen, Andy Lau, Alex Fong, Zhigang Fan and acting is very nice and brings a lot of great feelings. Mei Ling Chen in one of main roles looks amazing too. Duration of the action is: 95 m and we can tell without hesitations that you should just follow our advice and start getting pleasure with it right now. Still waiting? Start watching this movie right now. Bookmark this movie… and share it.

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Nightshade – Die Nacht der Sünde

Download Nightshade – Die Nacht der Sünde full length movie. Watch Nightshade – Die Nacht der Sünde movie online streaming.

A disillusioned widower begins getting weird e-mail messages and duly heads to a strip club. Unfortunately, once there, he sees his supposedly dead wife lap-dancing; even more unfortunately, she also happens to be a vampire.

Title: Nightshade – Die Nacht der Sünde
Year: 1996
Genres: Horror
Actors: Tim Abell, Teresa Politi, Tane McClure, Jennifer Burton, Ross Hagen, Don Scribner, Gabriella Hall, Maria Gutierrez, Peter Spellos, Robert Baldwin, Fred Olen Ray
Directors: Fred Olen Ray
Duration: 96 min.

Nightshade – Die Nacht der Sünde is showing witnesses a really interesting story and together with great acting of Peter Spellos, Don Scribner, Gabriella Hall, Tim Abell, Teresa Politi, this action brings tons of great feelings to everyone who checked it. This is one of the best films of Peter Spellos and you would like so much everything that gonna take place here. Nightshade – Die Nacht der Sünde is one of the most anticipated actions of 1996. You would realize why after watching the film. Running time of Nightshade – Die Nacht der Sünde is: 96 m. We think you would not regret about this choice and about watching the action. Do you really need to see number one scene tonight? We hope that you will take pleasure in this show. 🙂 Tweet Nightshade – Die Nacht der Sünde link and share with friends.

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