Charlie Chan’s Secret

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The heir to a huge fortune is presumed drowned, then shows up, is then murdered.

Title: Charlie Chan’s Secret
Year: 1936
Genres: Comedy; Crime; Horror; Mystery; Thriller
Actors: Warner Oland, Rosina Lawrence, Charles Quigley, Henrietta Crosman, Edward Trevor, Astrid Allwyn, Herbert Mundin, Jonathan Hale, Egon Brecher, Gloria Roy, Gordon Wiles
Directors: Gordon Wiles
Duration: 72 min.

This story is a truly fun story with much of fantastic action. Just don’t be against and don’t miss an opportunity of examining Charlie Chan’s Secret and the nice experience will make u impressed very much! u will understand that u haven’t watched tapes with so nice actor playing in Crime genre. Both female and male actors like: Gloria Roy are acting so nice and the view of everything they are doing will make u impressed very much! Charlie Chan’s Secret is certainly one of the best tapes of 1936 with duration of 72 minutes. Just start examining it and u will certainly like all the stuff very much! 🙂 We know that you 100% will love Charlie Chan’s Secret movie. Thank you.

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Land Without Music

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In Lucco everyone loves music, singing at any occasion, work can wait and so the state’s debt. So the ruling princess bans music. Then singer Carlini returns home. Aided by a journalist and his daughter they fight the proclaim -with music.

Title: Land Without Music
Year: 1936
Genres: Comedy
Actors: Richard Tauber, Diana Napier, Jimmy Durante, June Clyde, Derrick De Marney, George Hayes, Esme Percy, John Hepworth, Edward Rigby, George Carney, Walter Forde
Directors: Walter Forde
Duration: 80 min.

Yeah, this film will gonna explode your imagination in pieces. We can tell without doubts that the show of 1936 and with length of 80 minutes would be added by you to your home collection and that you would re-watch it again and again after watching it now. Believe us that you are a so lucky person because you came to the best database, the place where you could find the Comedy action that you would love! Land Without Music is produced by right people who definitely know what is what in making cool movies and Edward Rigby, Diana Napier, Walter Forde, Esme Percy, George Carney here look so cool and on right place. Have any ideas? Post them in our form. You have to sign up.

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Modern Times

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The Tramp struggles to live in modern industrial society with the help of a young homeless woman.

Title: Modern Times
Year: 1936
Genres: Comedy; Drama; Romance
Actors: Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Henry Bergman, Tiny Sandford, Chester Conklin, Hank Mann, Stanley Blystone, Richard Alexander, Cecil Reynolds, Charles Chaplin
Directors: Charles Chaplin
Duration: 87 min.

U will not ever regret about watching Modern Times in the Comedy genre! All the stuff in the film of the year 1936 looks so good and actors really know how to make us feeling very excited and like in the reality from watching everything they are doing on the stage. Here you will see how such a well-known actors like Hank Mann, Chester Conklin are playing their roles so nicely. The whole running time of the movie is 87 m but you will feel them something like not a lot of very exciting episodes. We give a rating for Modern Times is 10 of 10! Modern Times movie has a really top-quality cast, some very great action. Still waiting? Go and begin watching Modern Times movie right now. Don’t forget to bookmark this page.

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Three Godfathers

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Four outlaws come to New Jerusalem, a town full of courteous and religious people, to rob the bank. After shooting the president of the bank, only three make it out of town followed by the posse. By the time they get to the second desert water hole, they find it dry and also find a wagon with a dying mother and baby. When the horses are dead the next morning, the three outlaws have no choice but to try to walk back to New Jerusalem and only two want to take the baby.

Title: Three Godfathers
Year: 1936
Genres: Western
Actors: Chester Morris, Lewis Stone, Walter Brennan, Irene Hervey, Sidney Toler, Dorothy Tree, Roger Imhof, Willard Robertson, Robert Livingston, John Sheehan, Richard Boleslawski
Directors: Richard Boleslawski
Duration: 81 min.

Three Godfathers would show you an impressive and really pleasing story with acting of very well-known and best actors like: Lewis Stone, Chester Morris, Roger Imhof, Dorothy Tree, John Sheehan. And you would definitely like to watch the film because it is one of the striking films in Western genre. The acting of Lewis Stone makes it so unordinary and amazing. For sure, Three Godfathers is one of the best films of 1936. Running time: 81. We assume that the action would bring you a lot of enjoyment from watching Three Godfathers. This film was one of the innovative in 1936. Excellent sound, great motion. I hope that you 100% will love this flick. It is just my point of view.

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Adventure in Manhattan

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A reporter meets an actress whose producer is a presumed-dead thief, and stakes his reputation on predicting the next crime.

Title: Adventure in Manhattan
Year: 1936
Genres: Comedy; Crime; Drama
Actors: Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, Reginald Owen, Thomas Mitchell, Victor Kilian, John Gallaudet, Emmett Vogan, George Cooper, Herman Bing, Robert Warrick, Edward Ludwig
Directors: Edward Ludwig
Duration: 73 min.

It’s a right film especially for fans of Robert Warrick, John Gallaudet. Cool music, very well written, nice filming, and good acted. If you are a lover of a Drama actions then just get congratulations cause you have just found one of the best movies ever in this niche. The action Adventure in Manhattan of 1936 year. Such wonderful actors like Robert Warrick, John Gallaudet are playing their roles wonderful and there are some moment when you forget that it is movie and start perceive it like a reality. Some moments are too long and there are sometimes a boring and unnecessary dialogs too and that is why the durating of the film is 73 minutes. Watch Adventure in Manhattan now and we are almost absolutely sure you will like it. Hope that you will like this movie. 8) Tweet this film and share.

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Murder at Glen Athol

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A famous detective is invited to a swanky party at an elegant mansion, but before the night is over he finds himself involved with gangsters, blackmail and murder.

Title: Murder at Glen Athol
Year: 1936
Genres: Mystery
Actors: John Miljan, Irene Ware, Iris Adrian, Noel Madison, Oscar Apfel, Barry Norton, Harry Holman, Betty Blythe, James P. Burtis, Lew Kelly, Frank R. Strayer
Directors: Frank R. Strayer
Duration: 64 min.

Amazing movie. Murder at Glen Athol at least is a something good or original in 1936. Murder at Glen Athol Mystery movie was made in 1936. Harry Holman, Betty Blythe, Barry Norton, Oscar Apfel, John Miljan make this movie fantastic to watch. Just my conclusion. Hey? Still waiting? We know that you will like this movie.

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The Border Patrolman

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When a border patrolman catches their spoiled daughter smoking in a no-smoking area, parents hire him to watch over her. She then runs over to Mexico and gets involved with jewel thieves and he has to go save her.

Title: The Border Patrolman
Year: 1936
Genres: Western
Actors: George O'Brien, Polly Ann Young, Smiley Burnette, LeRoy Mason, Mary Doran, Al Hill, William P. Carleton, Tom London, Frank Campeau, Charles Coleman, David Howard
Directors: David Howard
Duration: 60 min.

Films in Western genre bring you a lot of nice positive emotions? Then get congratulations because now you came to the right place with one of the best films of year 1936 in this genre. The Border Patrolman is a good action and there are so many well-known actors like Tom London, William P. Carleton, Charles Coleman, Polly Ann Young who are playing their roles in a great way. Duration of the action is 60 mins that allow you to enjoy seeing catchy scenes with Tom London in the main role. The Border Patrolman movie is a pretty decent movie, that filled with lots of fast action. Don’t wait. Go and begin watching this movie right now. Do not hesitate to bookmark this page.

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Title: Fury
Year: 1936
Genres: Crime; Drama; Romance
Actors: Sylvia Sidney, Spencer Tracy, Walter Abel, Bruce Cabot, Edward Ellis, Walter Brennan, Frank Albertson, George Walcott, Arthur Stone, Morgan Wallace, George Chandler, Roger Gray, Edwin Maxwell, Howard C. Hickman, Jonathan Hale, Fritz Lang
Directors: Fritz Lang
Duration: 93 min.

Yeah, this movie was one of the innovational in 1936. Cool soundtrack, superior special effects. You will definitely get pleasure with Fury after watching it. The action in Drama category looks so cool and it is probably one of the best actions of 1936. Acting very well-known actors like: Fritz Lang, Frank Albertson, Roger Gray and acting is so nice and so exciting. Fritz Lang in one of main roles looks wonderful too. Duration of the action is: 93 mins and we are sure that you should just follow our advice and start watching it right now. Waiting? Start watching the movie right now. Tweet this movie; and share it.

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Red River Valley (1936)

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Title: Red River Valley (1936)
Year: 1936
Genres: Action; Music; Western
Actors: Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Frances Grant, Boothe Howard, Jack Kennedy, Champion, Sam Flint, George Chesebro, Charles King, Eugene Jackson, B. Reeves Eason
Directors: B. Reeves Eason
Duration: 59 min.

Fantastic actors giving cool performances but this plot is tedious and rather predictable. Red River Valley (1936) is a good movie especially for fans of B. Reeves Eason, Frances Grant, Jack Kennedy, Charles King. Mind blowing 3d effects, very well written, amazing production, and good acted. Waiting? Go and begin watching the movie right now. Do not hesitate to add to your tweeter this movie.

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The Princess Comes Across

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Title: The Princess Comes Across
Year: 1936
Genres: Comedy; Mystery; Romance; Thriller
Duration: 76 min.

I liked The Princess Comes Across movie from start to finish. This movie is a very good movie, that filled with lots of fantastic action. Nothing could stop you from watching The Princess Comes Across if you want to watch one of the best of all films in Mystery genre. The action of 1936 with catchy producing of well-known director and great convictive actor play of famous actors like: and in a main role makes The Princess Comes Across so cool and so impressive. The length of the action is 76 minutes but you would feel a little bit disappointed about the end of the action because it is so nice. You would like the action so much, we give you 100% guarantee. Hey! Still waiting? We know that you are going to enjoy this film.

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