Patient 001

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A desperate wife agrees to have a baby cloned from her comatose husband’s DNA. However, the husband gets better and they get rid of the baby – until the past comes calling decades later in a mix of mystery, lust and violence.

Title: Patient 001
Year: 2018
Genres: Horror; Sci-Fi; Thriller
Actors: Jason Dietz, Gabe Doran, Rosie Fellner, Noah Fleiss, Michael Gill, Michael Hayden, Ezra Knight, Ian O’Malley, Steven Ogg, Alexandra Rhodie, Katie Fleischer
Directors: Katie Fleischer
Duration: 87 min.

Patient 001 movie is a pretty decent movie, filled with some great action. You will fall in love with Patient 001 after watching it. The action in Sci-Fi genre looks so cool and it is probably one of the best actions of 2018. Acting very famous actors : Ezra Knight, Noah Fleiss, Katie Fleischer, Jason Dietz, Alexandra Rhodie and acting of theirs is very nice and brings a lot of great feelings. Ezra Knight in one of main roles looks so nice too. Duration of the action is: 87 mins and we can tell for sure that you listen to our advice and to start getting delight with it right now. We hope that you will enjoy this movie. It is just my conclusion.

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